Firm Profile

MiLaSys technologies GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Mr. Dr. Arnd Menschig
Fon: +49 711-6742642
Fax: +49 711-6742643


MiLaSys technologies develops, manufactures, and distributes components and solutions for the assembly of electro-optical micro products.

Modular micro fabrication system:

  • Range of tools MiniTOOL with standardised interface for handling, dispensing and joining
  • Micro robotics MiniROB:
    Intelligent tool carrier for perfect pick up and placement
  • Optical analysis MiniSENS:
    Microscopes and software for visualisation and measurement with high quality
  • Material /logistic MiniLOG:
    Perfect fixing and supporting of components with high quality products

Our products ensure an easy, fast, and flexible handling of various micro components. They permit a precise and automated assembly of micro systems on very small space.

Micro-optical modules::

  • ProMO FIBER - fibre collimators
  • ProFO ARRAY - precision fibre bundles
  • ProfiLUX - homogenisation of laser beams for production systems

Most of our micro-optical solutions are designed to be integrated into the fabrication framework for modular microsystems Match-X. They permit a flexible and easy construction of customised systems.