The Kugler GmbH

The Kugler GmbH was founded as a R&D operation in 1983 by Lothar Kugler, Managing Director and CEO. In 1990, Lothar Kugler acquired the Protop-Bleile GmbH as partner company. Product range


Protop-Bleile GmbH

  • ultra-precision air-bearing machine tools / flycutters

  • multi-axis systems for MICROmachining; mechanical and with laser; based on UP-components (air-bearing tables and linear guidances

  • 3D-measuring

  • reflective optical components IR to VIS (submicron accuracy)

  • beam bending components and sys-tems for high-power CO2-lasers: focus-ing heads, bending units, lightweight components

  • high-precision polygons

  • polygon scanners

    • printing industry, graphics printing barcode readers
    • surface measurement;
    • laser surface treatment
    • line projection in the laser display technology
    • imaging laser infrared detector systems