The colume jobs offers the opertunety for companies to search for qualificated workers. On the other side single persons can present themself to companies out of the field of micro-engineering. This service will be a payless job-market and not a competitor i.g. to a job center.

If you want to use our service please send a e-mail to us. We only want informations about:

  • The job you are searching for
  • Your qualification
  • Your age
  • The region and the country you are searching in
  • Your mail-address

For a company it is also importent to send us the full address and the name of a contact-person. If we do not get this information we will not present the job advertisement at our sites. A company can also sent a vacancy in HTML-format to kontakt@MikroMaschinenbau.Com.

Please also look at websites

You can also find vacancies at many companies at our Internet-Links