The miniaturisation has influence on nearly every part of our lifetime. In the car i.g. we are supported by many microsystems, which are shortly named ABS, ASR, ESP ... and which increase our level of safety and mobility. But also in the medicine miniaturisation is still going on. A submarine that is swimming through our body is no more longer a fiction, because it is used in the alimentary canal today.

Point of start was the miniaturisation of electrical elements. Every Personal Computer that you can buy at the supermarket has more numerical power then the computer of the Apollo-Shuttles. Later, many developments are started in micromechanics, microoptics and so on. By integration of this technologies it was possible to produce micromachines which are transcend this what is presented by Swiss clock industry.

The team MikroMaschinenbau.com is trying to stay abreast of changes by this sides. Our aim will be to consider everyone who is working on this themes: Developer and producers of microsystems, developer and producers of production equipment for these systems and also institutes of research and the last but not least the users. The sides will have a focus of hybrid systems which can be produced by using methods of the sub-fine mechanics. Beside the well known methods of the 2 ½ dimensional technique of the microsystemtechnology we will consider to 3 dimensional techniques.

On the following sides you can search for information an links or you can present your own work and products out of the field of micro engineering.

This sides are still under construction and so if you want to help us to make them better we will thank you for ideas.

Your Team MikroMaschinenbau.Com